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    We currently have one 8-stall restroom trailer on hand. This unit is available for rent and / or sale. This 8-stall unit has a men's side with two urinals, two commode stalls and two sinks; the women's side has four commode stalls and two sinks. Each commode stall has it's own lockable door.

    Interior lighting is LED. Two exterior lights are LED. Two vent fans in each men's and women's side. Separate heat / air conditioning for each men's and women's side. Additional base heater on each men's and women's side for those really cold days. Waste tank has heating pads to keep from freezing. Maintenance closet containing fresh water tank, water pumps, etc. has it's own heater as well as a separate external locking access door.

    Pictures and more information will be available soon. Until we get that online, contact us for pricing and more information.