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    Have a tank that needs pumped? We can help. We offer pumping of pretty much any kind of wastewater tank that is not HazMat regulated.

    For an overview of septic systems and detailed information on maintaining them, click here.

    Septic Pumping

    Regular maintenance of your septic system is important to maintain adequate function and extend the life of the system.

    The standard pump rate for a septic tank within our service area is $180. This includes pumping up to two compartments. If tank lids are buried more than a couple inches, there may be a charge for digging them out.

    Septic System Inspections

    We are state licensed to perform septic system inspections, sometimes called Time-of-Transfer Inspections. These inspections are required by the state when selling a property that contains a septic system. These inspections generally run $450, plus pumping. Contact us for more information on septic system inspections.

    Click here for more information about Time-of-Transfer septic inspections.