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Campground RV Pumping

Weekly camper pumping at a contracted campground

Provided Services

$50 every four weeks

When you sign up for this contract, we pump all of the waste tanks on your camper every week. We try to be to each campground on the same day each week, but sometimes things come up and we have to do them on a different day.

If you do not want service every week, check out our on-demand service where we pump one time while we are there for the week. 

Do I need to do anything special?

Unless you have any special requests or circumstances, there is nothing special you need to do for us to pump your camper.

What if my connections or handles are locked in a cabinet?

If your handles or connections are in a locked cabinet, we ask that you leave us a key somewhere. We will use the key, pump your tanks, lock up and put the key back. If you do not want to do this, then somebody would need to be there when we get there to pump. We do not offer scheduling of any campers because we never know how long things will take.

Do I need to be there when my camper gets pumped?

We do not require you to be present when we are there to pump your camper. We also do not offer scheduling for camper pumping because of too many schedule conflicts.

Why do my gauges still show full when you say you pumped my camper?

While we would like to say we do not make mistakes, it does happen and once in a great while, we may miss a tank if you have more than one. Most of the time, though, after we have pumped your camper, if your gauges still show full, it is very possible that either something is stuck on the sensors inside the tank, or a sensor could be faulty. Either of these things can happen on very old campers and even brand new ones.