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Campground Toilet Rental

Rental of portable toilet with weekly service

Provided Services

$50 every four weeks

When you sign up for this contract, we deliver a portable restroom on our weekly stop to your campground, get it all set up and provide weekly service. We try to be to each campground on the same day each week, but sometimes things come up and we have to do them on a different day.

Do I need to do anything special?

Unless you have any special requests or circumstances, there is nothing special you need to do for us to deliver and service a portable toilet.

Where does the toilet get placed?

We try to place toilets as close to the road as possible for easier access. If you have someplace special you would like it, please let us know.

Do I need to be there when you pump the toilet?

As with campers, it is very difficult to schedule when we will be there to clean them. If you are there when we get there, that is fine, but we do not schedule cleanings at campgrounds.

Can I lock my toilet?

All of the toilets we deliver have the ability to put a padlock on them. If you want to put one on, we ask that you use a combination lock and give us the combination for it. If you prefer to use a key lock, we will need a key or know where you will leave one for us.

What if I own my own toilet?

If you own your own toilet, check out our service for cleaning customer-owned toilets.