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Rental Prodcuts

We have multiple rental products available for any need.

Basic Rental Information

We have portable restrooms available for any reason. Construction, home party, work part, weddings and more.

All of our portable restrooms come with hand sanitizer dispensers. All rental prices are for standard rentals up to 28 days and include delivery, setup, weekly service and pickup. There may be additional charges for delivery and service outside of our normal service area, or in special situations. We try to keep the “special situation” charges down to a minimum, if anything at all, but sometimes things just need special care.

All prices are plus tax, where applicable.


Regular Portable Restrooms

Our regular portable restrooms are available in multiple colors and styles to suit any purpose. We have them available for construction, parties at your house, party at work, weddings and more. They include sanitizer dispensers, most have a shelf, some have coat hooks. All have urinals as well as the standard toilet seat on the tank. We even have pink ones. All of them come with either two or three roll toilet paper holders.

$90 / 4-weeks
Extra cleanings will incur additional charges


Handicap Portable Restrooms

Our handicap portable restrooms are mostly available in gray. We still have a few green ones around though. They are also available for any reason including construction, parties, weddings and more. Most people like them for weddings so the brides and bridesmaids can use them without being cramped in the regular ones with their dresses. They also have hand sanitizer dispensers in them.

$120 / 4-weeks
Extra cleanings will incur additional charges

Hand-Washing Stations

We have portable sinks available. These vary from single-station up to four-station units. All units include delivery, setup, weekly service and pickup. Sinks come with soap and paper towel dispensers. Operated by foot-pump.

Single-Station: $100 / 4-weeks
Two-Station: $150 / 4-weeks
Two-Station (Large): $200 / 4-weeks
Four-Station: $250 / 4-weeks

Hand Sanitizer Stations

Hand sanitizer stations are useful for where you do not want to have a sink, but would like the option for people to be sanitary. Our portable restrooms have sanitizer dispensers in them, but these are handy to have out and about an area where people are at, but not necessarily using the restrooms. These are also nice for places where we are unable to get our trucks in to service hand-wash stations.

Single-Station: $50 / 4-weeks
Two-Station: $75 / 4-weeks
Four-Station: $100 / 4-weeks


Waste Holding Tanks

These are especially useful for construction trailer offices where there is no sewer or septic system on-site. We provide a waste tank and all connection plumbing. We also provide pumping as-needed.

Because every situation is different, there is no simple way to list pricing for this. If you are interested finding out more, contact us and we would be happy to provide a no-hassle quote for you. This usually pairs well with our fresh water holding tank setups.

Fresh Water Holding Tanks

Our fresh water holding tanks are available in non-potable and potable versions. Those that will consume the water are recommended to go with a potable setup. Those not consuming the water, are fine to go with the non-potable setup. The potable setups cost a bit more because of the materials and equipment used, but are safe and certified for drinking water. We no longer provide water delivery services to campgrounds.

There are so many options available here as well, that it is not as simple as just providing a price. If you would like more information, let us know and we will put together a no-hassle quote for you. This usually pairs well with our waste holding tank setups.